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The movie quiz gives you 30 seconds to answer each of 25 trivia questions.
Scores on this page are only for the music quiz. For rankings of each seperate trivia quiz, go to the scores menu, or for combined rankings go to the Moore Quiz home page.

movie quiz
Featuring movie trivia from the beginning of motion pictures until now, the movie quiz will test your knowledge of actors, plots, and movie quotes.
Drama, action, comedy, romance, and family film trivia are all part of the movie quiz.

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This month's best
1 Bimbo 16/25 2m 39.8s
This month's full movie quiz scores

Rankings are based on the following criteria:
1.Number of correct questions.
2.Time taking to complete the quiz.
3.In the unlikely event of a tie, the number of attempts will come into play.

All time best
1 jono 25/25 0m 56.3s
2 awnie 25/25 0m 59.3s
3 kingston 25/25 1m 04.5s
4 whippetash 25/25 1m 09.3s
5 AscotAudio 25/25 1m 13s
6 waffle 25/25 1m 14.9s
7 Keeno 25/25 1m 17.5s
8 jose 25/25 1m 19.1s
9 craddja 25/25 1m 20.2s
10 patjac 25/25 1m 20.9s
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Last month's best
1 reader7 19/25 1m 34.9s
2 joanie 17/25 2m 24.7s
3 Bimbo 16/25 3m 24.8s
Last month's full movie quiz scores

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