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Each quiz gives you 30 seconds to answer a question.
The General Knowledge quiz is the ultimate challenge and is out of 30 questions, giving you a better chance to top the rankings (if you're good enough!).
The other quizzes on special topics are out of 25 questions.
The scores on this page are for the sports quiz only.
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sports quiz
The sports quiz features a wide range of sports, designed to give anyone anywhere in the world a fair chance.
Test your knowledge of Olympic history, golf, soccer, American football, basketball, baseball, rugby league, rugby union, motoring racing and much more play sports quiz

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Rankings are based on the following criteria:
1.Number of correct questions.
2.Time taking to complete the quiz.
3.In the unlikely event of a tie, the number of attempts will come into play.

All time best
1 ROWLE5Y 25/25 0m 30.9s
2 MAC67 25/25 0m 30.9s
3 mickey 25/25 0m 31.5s
4 swaroop76 25/25 0m 32.1s
5 Swaroop007 25/25 0m 32.3s
6 jomy 25/25 0m 32.7s
7 jino06 25/25 0m 32.8s
8 chri5 25/25 0m 34.4s
9 jinodude 25/25 0m 34.5s
10 ashrith007 25/25 0m 34.5s
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