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Featuring movies from the beginning of motion pictures until now, the movie quiz will test your knowledge of actors, plots, and movie quotes.

The sports quiz features a wide range of sports, designed to give anyone anywhere in the world a fair chance.
Test your knowledge of Olympic history, golf, soccer, American football, basketball, baseball, rugby league, rugby union, motoring racing and much more

Featuring popular music from the 60s until now, the music quiz will test your knowledge of artists, charts history and lyrics.
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This month's best
1 the judge 29/30 2m 01.7s
2 Keeno 28/30 1m 47.8s
3 Jimmy1 25/25 1m 06.1s
4 reader7 21/25 1m 48.8s
5 Bimbo 18/25 2m 47s
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1 KingK 30/30 0m 45.2s
2 neduml 30/30 0m 49.6s
3 girish2 30/30 0m 49.6s
4 MKL 30/30 0m 54.9s
5 nithin2 30/30 0m 56.2s
6 maverick 30/30 1m 03.9s
7 Giotto 30/30 1m 06.4s
8 howardandg 30/30 1m 07.8s
9 pemboau 30/30 1m 08.7s
10 dr turf 30/30 1m 08.9s
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1 platypus 30/30 1m 38.3s
2 Keeno 29/30 1m 32.9s
3 chaney77 27/30 2m 18.3s
4 the judge 22/30 3m 17.4s
5 reader7 20/25 1m 43.6s
6 "D" 18/25 3m 12.4s
7 merone 18/30 3m 42.4s
8 Bimbo 18/25 3m 43.4s
9 ziaullah 12/25 1m 08.8s
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1886 Charlie Naughton, actor
1915 Anthony Quinn, actor
1926 Elizabeth II, Queen of England (1952- )
1947 Iggy Pop, musician
1947 Alan Warner, musician (Foundations)
1951 Paul Carrack, rock vocalist
1946 John M Keynes, English economist, dies at 62
1977 Gummo Marx, comic (Marx Brothers), dies at 84
1865 Abraham Lincoln's funeral train leaves Washington
1941 Greece surrenders to Nazi-Germany
1948 First Polaroid camera is sold in US
1983 1 coin introduced in United Kingdom
1993 Brazil votes against a monarchy

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