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Featuring popular music from the 60s until now, the music quiz will test your knowledge of artists, charts history and lyrics.
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This month's best
1 Keeno 29/30 1m 29.6s
2 platypus 27/30 1m 46s
3 warren 24/25 2m 30.3s
4 the judge 23/30 3m 02.5s
5 reader7 20/25 1m 34.3s
6 Woody 18/25 2m 16.6s
7 Bimbo 17/30 4m 18.5s
8 wesolowski 13/25 3m 29.1s
9 amandaj 11/30 1m 54.7s
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1 KingK 30/30 0m 45.2s
2 neduml 30/30 0m 49.6s
3 girish2 30/30 0m 49.6s
4 MKL 30/30 0m 54.9s
5 nithin2 30/30 0m 56.2s
6 maverick 30/30 1m 03.9s
7 Giotto 30/30 1m 06.4s
8 howardandg 30/30 1m 07.8s
9 pemboau 30/30 1m 08.7s
10 dr turf 30/30 1m 08.9s
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Last month's best
1 Keeno 29/30 1m 30.2s
2 Bimbo 23/30 3m 47.5s
3 reader7 22/25 1m 35.7s
4 warren 22/25 2m 47s
5 thomas 22/30 3m 04s
6 platypus 21/30 2m 56.9s
7 the judge 21/30 2m 57s
8 Woody 18/25 2m 43.3s
9 stevemotts 14/30 4m 26.1s
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1931 Gene Hackman, actor
1941 Dick Cheney, US Secretary of Defence, Vice President
1951 Phil Collins, singer/drummer
1955 Curtis Strange, PGA golfer
1649 Charles I King of Great Britain (1625-49), beheaded for treason
1956 Jane Seymour, actress, dies at 56
1945 German ship 'Wilhelm Gustloff' torpedoed off Danzig by Soviet sub-c 7,700 die
1965 State funeral of Winston Churchill
1968 Vietcong launch Tet-offensive on US embassy in Saigon
1973 KISS plays their first show
1994 68th Australian Open Women's Tennis Steffi Graf beats Arantxa Sanchez Vicario
1994 Super Bowl XXVIII Dallas Cowboys beat Buffalo Bills

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