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The ultimate challenge is the general knowledge quiz, which includes questions from all of the other categories plus much more.
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Featuring movies from the beginning of motion pictures until now, the movie quiz will test your knowledge of actors, plots, and movie quotes.

The sports quiz features a wide range of sports, designed to give anyone anywhere in the world a fair chance.
Test your knowledge of Olympic history, golf, soccer, American football, basketball, baseball, rugby league, rugby union, motoring racing and much more

Featuring popular music from the 60s until now, the music quiz will test your knowledge of artists, charts history and lyrics.
This is sure to be a challenge for people of any generation!

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Tips on holding a fundraising event including free trivia questions and answers.

This month's best
1 Keeno 28/30 1m 32.3s
2 joanie 24/25 1m 33.8s
3 warren 23/25 2m 42.6s
4 Bimbo 22/25 2m 39.1s
5 the judge 21/30 2m 15.2s
6 reader7 20/25 1m 16.3s
7 bcharringt 18/30 4m 16.2s
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All time best
1 KingK 30/30 0m 45.2s
2 neduml 30/30 0m 49.6s
3 girish2 30/30 0m 49.6s
4 MKL 30/30 0m 54.9s
5 nithin2 30/30 0m 56.2s
6 maverick 30/30 1m 03.9s
7 Giotto 30/30 1m 06.4s
8 howardandg 30/30 1m 07.8s
9 pemboau 30/30 1m 08.7s
10 dr turf 30/30 1m 08.9s
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Last month's best
1 Keeno 28/30 1m 48.6s
2 Bimbo 25/25 2m 21.9s
3 joanie 24/25 1m 29.6s
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1936 Jill Ireland, actress
1942 Barbra Streisand, singer/actress
1960 Paula Yates, ex-Mrs Bob Geldof, former Michael Hutchence partner
1731 Daniel Defoe, English novelist (Robinson Crusoe), dies
1986 Wallis Warfield Simpson (Duchess of Windsor) dies
2005 Sir John Mills, veteran British actor dies at 97
1953 Winston Churchill knighted by Queen Elizabeth II
1961 JFK accepts 'sole responsibility' following Bay of Pigs
1981 IBM-PC computer introduced
1989 Tens of thousands of students strike in Beijing China
1992 David Bowie marries model Iman in Switzerland

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